8300 Wisconsin Ave.

8300 Wisconsin Ave.

Flats 8300: Luxury Bethesda Apartments

Located in Bethesda, where Wisconsin meets Woodmont, Flats 8300 is the biggest luxury apartment project in the Bethesda area.

Process: BAP was invited to partner with Service Glass Industries to design and provide a custom window and window wall system. Working in unison with WDG Architects, Peerless created a perimeter sub-frame system that inegrated with the buildings waterproofing. This sub-frame allowed all components and caulking to be installed from the interior of the building.

System Peerless G500 window, window wall and terrace door system. Custom receptor and subsill system with co-extruded fin for seamless integration to the air, water and vapor barrier.

Architect: WDG
Developer: Stonebridge Carras
General ContractorDonohoe Construction
Glazing Sub-contractorService Glass Industries
curtains, glass, windows